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When love meets opportunity – only good can come of it. This is how Intergata Food Industries Ltd. was founded in 1999.

When Yaakov Moskowitz recognized a business opportunity, he founded a company entirely devoted to his love for chocolate. For two decades, and after working intensively, Intergata is a partner in many products loved by every household in Israel.

The company's spirit successfully passed on the sense of "togetherness" to its dozens of employees, who are partners to the success of each and every one of the products shipped out of the company's factory.

The company participates in product development from the very first stage through to its factory manufacturing. Desserts, candy, snacks, cereal, cakes, baking products are only a small part of the ever-growing list.

Our passion and vision are to reach every household in Israel and every Jewish household in the world with the products we are partners in manufacturing. For this purpose, our company's client list includes a considerable share of the leading food companies in Israel: Osem, Strauss, Roladin, Tnuva, Maimon's, Unilever, Achdut, Gidron and many more. Intergata is considered the main supplier of the raw ingredients in these products.

Intergata is considered a leading company in its field and manufactures over 400,000 kg. of chocolate and spreads per month. Up until recently, the factory mainly worked under the Badatz Ultraorthodox Parve (non-dairy) Kosher Rabbinate as well as being gluten-free. A dairy unit was recently launched to manufacture dairy chocolates and spreads for the industry and for chocolatiers.

To maintain its success, Intergata is constantly investing in expanding the factory, improving manufacturing processes and upgrading machinery.

Intergata meets the international ISO standards, ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000-2, as well as the manufacturing standards of Badatz Ultraorthodox Parve (non-dairy) Kosher Rabbinate in Jerusalem.

The company ensures the usage of fine raw ingredients imported mainly from Italy and Turkey as well as local produce.

The company’s food technology team and state-of-the-art laboratory work in developing dozens of new products for its clients each year. Due to the food product marking reform, changes are made to some of the existing products in order to meets its requirements.

Each product developed has several professional partners. Our vast experience and accumulated knowledge often shorten the process. Even if your next product is only in its conceptual stage – we can turn it into something real. The first stage is to talk to us.